Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dear Diary

Salam Jumaat.

There's nothing much to write. Life lately is like a series of unfortunate events. But what's life without some obstacles right? It'll be meaningless. At least in some difficulties, we realize, there's something beautiful about life right?

* ignore my emo alter_e

Ain't it beautiful?

Yeap! Living as Landscape Architecture student requires lots of travelling and exploration. This picture was taken during my site visit to Pontian last weekend. Yeap! Weekend, when everybody else could just sleep all day or hang out with friends. But, i don't mind, it's part of learning process.

Besides, when we are travelling we got to see different side of the world. Of course, financially it's kinda a burden to me, but the satisfaction when you got to see something different, something new, something that you couldn't find it elsewhere is incomparable. Then you know, all the money, time and energy you spent is worth it.

In front one of the famous temple in Cambodia
I think it's been a year from my trip to my father homeland, Cambodia but the memories still fresh in mind. The memories, the culture, the people, oh i wish i could go there again in the future. 

Something that we could not experience in Malaysia. :D
Have you ever seen this thing??? haha
 Bright sky. 

Look at the cloud,  (aku nak start jadi pendeta la ni) AnywayI got a lot of interesting places that I've visited that I'd very much like to share with all, but I've got no time to update all this thing. 

Some advice from me, pack your bag and go somewhere you never been to. No one knows what you might find out there? 

P/s: Live while we young. :D


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