Wednesday, December 28, 2011

gila quiz



hari ni aq gila rasa nak buat kuiz,,, ngeh3,,,, so,,, ni antara kuiz yg aq buat,,,, sebenarnye byk lagi,,, tapi resultsnya terlampau sencored untuk dipublickan,,, maaf,,, hahahahhaha....


1. ~The Candy Bar Personality Quiz~

Your Result

YOU ARE WARM and romantic. You have a loving personality by nature. You care about other people and can be counted on in a crisis. You are pretty mushy and you probably cry at sad movies. You can be mushy, especially in relationships. You love cuddling. (bab warm aq setuju,,, byk lemak beb... hahaa... tapi,,, yang bab romantik tu,,,, aish,,,, salah ni,,, kua3,,,)
 ha! mana ada aku pernah nangeh tgk sad movies...... mushy???? gilak,,, asal kuiz ni koje nak condemn aq je???????


2. What kind of ball are you

Basket Ball

result image
You are tall,swift,brave,kind and wise!!!
bila masa la pulak???? penipu besar,,, but somehow,,, aq dapat basketball,,, hehehehehhehe,,,,,,, gediks,,,,,


3. Do you Sleep Enough

No! You get very little sleep!

result image
You struggle getting to sleep at nights, and wake often in the night, and find it hard to get back to sleep again. Are you stressed or worried? This could be why you're not sleeping, or if this has been going on for months, see your doctor, as you're just run down all the time! Suggestions: try riding under a low light, take a warm (not too hot!) bath, not eating caffeinated drinks or snacks before bed, and also just try to relax. You often find yourself going to bed and thinking; right, nine hours before my alarm goes off - but throughout the night, you find the hours decreasing. Also avoid eating anything heavy before bed and loud music and bright TV and phone screens. To try and get your sleeping habits back to normal, try going to bed at the same time each night and rising at the the same time each morning too. Another idea is avoiding taking naps that are longer than 20 minutes. Try removing distractions from your room at night; distractions are anything from radios/CD players, TV's, phones, computer/laptop and PS3/Xbox/equivalent. Doing more exercise/being active during the day can wear you out more, and may help you get to sleep. Here is a website that may help:

ha,,, yang ni memang so true,,, exactly ap slalu jadi kat aq,,, wehuhuhu,, yela,, ap boleh buat,,, mata asyik jet lag aje,,, kui3,,,,

 so thats all la yer!!!! lain kali aq main lagi,,, bye3!!

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