Saturday, March 24, 2012



Actually not in mood to write today. But just because i can't shut my eyes yet, so i need to find something to do. Anyhow, i choose to update my blog because I'm getting bored with facebook and twitter also... merapu2 kat sana bayak2 karang orang menyampah pulak.

These few days, I've been received lots of shocking news. 1st, after went back from workshop at Teluk Gorek, i was informed that my grandma is no longger with us. She's left us already. That's been quite a bit blow to me as I just went back from Mersing, which it's location is only 3 hours to my grandma house. Plus, i felt a bit regret because I wasn't able to took care of her for a long time when she was sick before. I felt like an useless granddaughter. But, I keep telling myself that it's okay. That she understand why i can't go and meet her often. And I hope that, she know that I love her eventhough we don't understand each other language. Eventhough I only able to took care of her for 2 days when she was on her sickbed, I hope that it's enough to show that I love her. That I really2 love her. Maybe you'll think that I'm mushy little fellow, but loosing someone as if our grandma is a big thing, eventhough we are not really close. After all, she's part of me. She'll be part of me forever. So, it's terrifying for me for loosing someone that we hope we can take a good care of her someday when we are able too. It's irritating all this while that I can't understand what she's talking to me because i din't learn the language. And for those things i can't do, i regret a lot. But, I have to be strong, be tough,, get over this, and cherish my life, pray the best for her, b a better person. FROM ALLAH WE CAME,, AND UNTO HIM WE RETURN. Mati itu pasti.

Then, last Friday, my room-mate granny also get sick. So, sudden. I don't know how to console her as I've been trough the same thing only once. I just only look at her, and said be patience. I don't know what else to say.

Third, my bestfriend mum is gravely ill. I also don't know how to console her. But I wish I'd be there for her. I want to see her and make sure that she's ok. That she's alright and she's in perfect condition, that she's not doing anything stupid. Me myself know how painful she'll be right now. Because watching someone dying is hurt,,, plus! That's her own mother that is sick. I know that feeling. I hope u could be strong no matter what happen. I'll be there for you, always.

And lastly, the death of my classmate grandpa. I keep wondering why people around me kept loosing their loves one, maybe it's a test for them, and for me too... so that, i learn that, death is a sure thing. that we're not long in this world.

And that's all I'm able to say, for now. Need to do my assignment as my eyes don't wanna to shutdown yet. So, good night people and take a good care of yourself.


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